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PACCOA, the Probation and Community Corrections Officers'€™ Association is a not for profit national group which works to promote understanding of, and discussion about, issues surrounding offender management, particularly community-based interventions. PACCOA also promotes professional development of probation / community corrections officers. PACCOA was formed in 1998 to fill a void in national communication, brought about by the existence of separate state, territory and federal justice processes.

PACCOA's aims are:
  • To develop the profession of probation and parole / community corrections and to advance the quality of justice in society through the contributions of members;
  • To provide an organisation through which members can develop a professional identity;
  • To represent members on matters relating to community based offender management;
  • To exchange ideas with other relevant bodies;
  • To support social justice policies;
  • To cooperate with other agencies in implementing crime-reduction strategies and strategies to minimise the impact of crime upon communities;
  • To promote awareness of matters relating to offending behaviour and offender management;
  • To promote research on relevant issues;
  • To contribute to professional education of members;
  • PACCOA is a professional association and is not an industrial body. 

Membership is open to:
  • Community Corrections Officers;
  • Probation Officers;
  • Parole Officers or Probation and Parole Officers who are substantially involved in supervision, counselling, programs and / or management of offenders in the community and / or probation and parole work in a institutional setting.

To become a member please complete the membership form here. Then email it to your State Delegate or Membership Co-ordinator at [email protected]

If you have any questions, or wish to discuss alternative payment arrangements please contact your State Delegate or Liz Moore. 

Benefits of Membership:
  • Bi-Annual Conference with national and international presenters focusing on current issues,  including 1 day training;
  • Australian and international networking and information exchange;
  • Affiliated with American Probation Parole Assoc. and Conference Permanente European de la Probation.
  • Attend international conferences at members rates;
  • Government Skills Australia - member Corrections Industry Advisory Committee;
  • Tax Deductions

Membership form and brochure