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The presenter list for the 2018 conference is almost finalised. We can't wait to tell you who all of the amazing presenters will be! 

One Step Closer...

Between 20 and 22 September 2017 a lucky selection of our PACCOA delegates held a second meeting at the Sunshine Coast to finalise some details and changes to the 2018 PACCOA Conference. Locations were scoped out, and draft schedules were proposed. Some exciting changes to the format of the event were developed which will see some very worthwhile and lasting experiences had by all.
As all the stars aligned, the new venue for the PACCOA 2018 Conference was confirmed and the PACCOA executives can barely contain their excitement. The 2018 Conference is shaping up to be an unforgettable event which is very appropriate considering it will celebrate the 20 years of PACCOA.

Visit our Conference Page to get all the up-to-date and exciting details! 
PACCOA 2018 Sunshine Coast
Coffs Harbour Face to Face Meeting

The PACCOA National Executive met from 29 to 31 March 2017 to organise the national conference which will be held in March 2018.  Whilst a lot of laughs were shared, it was straight down to business with a whole lot of things to organise in an effort to ensure the 2018 conference goes off without a hitch.  Plenty of aspects of the conference have now been planned including the budget, locking in the venue, exploring our options for our dinner event, preparing the call for papers, discussing options for keynote speakers, arranging presentations and training sessions, deciding on our charity organisation, preparing the conference bags, making ticketing arrangements, planning the awards presentation, figuring out our entertainment options for the dinner and dealing with the logistics of transport and technical support.
The conference is shaping up to be a fabulous professional development opportunity and a great chance to meet colleagues from around the country and possibly overseas.  As the year 2018 will celebrate 20 years of PACCOA, it is an opportunity to reflect on twenty years of growth and achievement, and plan for the exciting future and beyond. Hence the theme for the 2018 conference was born - Directions in Corrections.  The conference will be held at Sunshine Coast - Novotel Twin Waters Resort and will be a great celebration with an array of topics which shape our everyday activities.     

Call for Award Nominations 2018

We are currently seeking nominations for the John Augustus and Tony Hill Awards.

Please see our 'Life Member and Awards' page for further information and to download a nomination form.